Croydon Partnership Statement

Croydon Partnership Statement

  • Date :
    02 March 2020

“The challenges in the retail industry are affecting developments across the UK. Despite this, the Croydon Partnership recognises the opportunity to create a vibrant, mixed-use development for Croydon. 

We are reviewing the development to ensure it meets the future needs of the community, including a viable mix of retail, dining, leisure and uses such as a hotel, offices and residential space.

We are working closely with Croydon Council, the Greater London Authority and local stakeholders to develop the right masterplan. Croydon Council, the Greater London Authority and the Croydon Partnership held a productive meeting to discuss the time-intensive, future planning support needed for a large and complex scheme and the delivery of a more sustainable development, phased over time, which includes the refurbishment of some existing buildings. We will continue to consult with businesses and residents on their needs for the town centre which will also inform the review. The Croydon Partnership is still committed to ensuring a dynamic town centre and will work together with all stakeholders and the community to support its existing assets in Croydon."



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